Our Daddy/Daughter Downtown Saturday Adventure

Maeve, my four-year old and I wanted to spend some time together last weekend giving my wife some time to relax.  I threw out several options until Maeve suggested we go for a bike ride.  The warmth of the early Spring day provided a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the riverfront.  We loaded […]

11 Must-Do’s For Your Home – So You Can Enjoy the Spring

Spring may bring flowers, warm weather, and longer days but you can avoid serious problems if you or hire someone complete some basic tasks. 1. Cleaning Gutters and Extend Downspouts Water is dangerous to your home’s health.  Winter accumulation clogs your gutters leading to water falling right next to your foundation.  The soil compacts and pushes against […]

Marketing vs Advertising: Why Knowing the Difference Means Big $ to You When Selling Your Home

Marketing is not advertising Not even close. The two have been lumped together and that’s a shame.  Advertising is a competition of who can yell the loudest.  People listen to advertising, sometimes.  Marketing is more powerful.  Marketing is creatively introducing people things that make their lives better, through methods that stir emotion.  Fear, hope, joy… because […]

4 Rules for Finding and Getting a Great Deal

Everyone wants to find and get a great deal, myself included.  Deals make great stories.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot of hype online about finding a deal when it comes to shopping for a home.  There are areas where deals exist, knowing where to look and being ready to act that makes all the difference.  Truth is […]

My Biggest Questions Series – Buying Timeline

The following is an excerpt from the New Buyer Guide I provided to clients.  The page helps outline the timeline for the buying process.  While every home purchase is unique in its own way, this is the general framework for the purchase process. or Click here to get started   Download the buyer’s timeline page above in […]

Family Fun Fest – Jan 16

Have you heard about the Family Fun Fest this Saturday at the Civic Center?  We’re excited that after practice with the Peoria Wildcats, the kids we coach in wheelchair basketball (check out our Facebook page), our family and a couple friends will head down to the Civic Center for this family friendly event.  Below is the flyer I […]

4 Rules I Learned From Screwing Up

It’s the look you get when somethings wrong.  You know it, the person giving you the look knows it.  You’re just waiting for the hammer to drop. This morning, on the way home from the gym I went through a coffee chain’s drive through.  My wife was up late at the hospital with her brother […]

Minute w/ Mike Episode 003 – Loan and Down Payment Options

Minute w/ Mike Episode 003 – Loan and Down Payment Options Curious about the down payment for buying a home? What are your options for loans? How do they differ and how much of the purchase price will you need to have available? We answer these questions in this week’s Minute with Mike. Have you spoken with a […]

Minute w/ Mike – Episode 002: Seller Questions

Minute w/ Mike – Episode 002: Seller Questions  You’ve decided to sell your home.  You’ve scheduled an agent or two to visit your home.  Now what?  What questions do you ask?  Here are 10 of the best questions I have received when sitting down with sellers. 1.  Tell me about yourself? An agent’s personality is […]

Minute w/ Mike – Episode 001: Closing Costs

Episode 001 – Closing Cost 5.15.15 In a new feature, I’m doing a quick one minute video to briefly cover one topic that affects buyers or sellers. This week, I outline closing costs for buyers. What are they, how much can you expect, can they be covered by the seller or written into the loan? For […]

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