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Why I am in business:

I believe that we live better when we live life with a purpose. I believe that this means being in control of our finances, health, work, homes, or our social lives. Studies show that a safe and stable home life is the foundation for a platform to go out and win in other areas of our lives. Whether you’re renting or buying, I want to help you move in the direction of your dreams. My mission is to help you Live Life Better.

About Me:

I have been in the field of architecture since graduating with a degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2002. My career began in Chicago working for a multi-disciplinary architecture firm, then in Peoria, IL working for an architecture and engineering firm. Desiring to have a more direct impact on families in how they better used their homes, I left architecture to served as the Estimator and Project Manager for a small residential design/build company in Morton, IL. During my experience there I obtained my real estate license and shortly after joined Traders Realty in Peoria, IL.

I am a husband to my beautiful wife, my biggest supporter. In addition to being a Realtor, I am a community organizer, advocate, and entrepreneur. In my spare time I bake, run, invest in myself and in my family’s future, read, coach, and write.

A Letter from Mike:

Thanks for visiting the site,

When I started this business, I set out with the goal to serve the community and help people live the life of their dreams. I set up the business with the following mission:

“I serve my clients in their goal to Live Life Better through providing education and counsel in the purchase and sale of real estate.”

I strive to fulfill this mission through understanding each of my client’s dreams and goals and help them achieve those dreams and goals. I believe that helping my clients Live Life Better is a process that starts by building a relationship, educating about the current market conditions, and walking through the process. To accomplish this, I utilize the knowledge I obtained through studies and degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, my nearly 10 years working for architecture firms, and as a contractor. I believe that business is about service and I operate my business, first and foremost, with that in mind.

The goal of this site is to provide you with the resources to help you in the purchase or sale of real estate. I believe that our lives are not segmented and that success comes when we are in balance in our health, home, and work. On my blog site www.livelifebetter.com, you will find information about various other areas of life that also will help you Live Life Better. If you believe as I do, then I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you and help you start to Live Life Better.

Thank you for visiting.

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